SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club Marbella: A Local’s Review

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Embark on a gourmet journey at SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club, where the fusion of beachside relaxation and culinary excellence creates an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Puerto BanĂşs, this destination is a magnet for both locals and international visitors seeking a taste of Marbella’s luxurious lifestyle.

With Chef FermĂ­n Azkue’s innovative cuisine and Head Bartender Borja Goikoetxea’s artful mixology, SLVJ stands out as a gastronomic haven.

Press accolades and customer testimonials echo the high standards of dining and service found here. But what does it take to truly indulge in the SLVJ experience?

Whether you’re a local in search of the perfect weekend retreat or a traveller eager to soak up the sun in style, SLVJ’s array of hammocks, sunbeds, and king size beds beckon. Ready to be part of the exclusive SLVJ narrative?

Let’s dive into a world where every detail caters to an exquisite seaside escape.

The SLVJ Experience: A Harmony of Ambience and Flavours

The Quintessence of Beachfront Dining

At SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club, the gentle lull of the Mediterranean Sea sets a backdrop to an epicurean adventure. Here, the ambience is a deliberate orchestration: soft, dim lighting on the terrace creates an intimate atmosphere while luxury loungers invite diners to relax in style.

It’s the kind of place where the clink of glasses and the murmur of conversation blend seamlessly with the ocean’s whisper.

Where Every Detail Matters

Attention to detail is paramount at SLVJ. Each element, from the plush cushions on the sunbeds to the strategic placement of greenery, contributes to an environment that encourages leisurely dining and absolute relaxation.

This is not just a meal; it’s a retreat from the everyday hustle.

Whether it’s a refreshing sangria in hand or the taste of a meticulously crafted roll, every sense delights in the SLVJ experience.

Culinary Delights Under the Stars

The terrace at SLVJ becomes a stage at night, where the stars and soft lighting illuminate an array of culinary masterpieces.

A bite into the fusion of textures and flavours transports diners to different corners of the world, all while seated comfortably in the heart of Marbella.

The menu—spanning from succulent robata-grilled dishes to delicate sushi creations—reflects a commitment to both tradition and innovation.

Lounging in Luxury

Imagine sinking into a plush king size bed, the sound of waves as your soundtrack. At SLVJ, the beach club experience is about embracing opulence in every form. With a variety of lounging options, including individual hammocks and double sunbeds, the comfort rivals the cuisine.

Details on pricing and minimum spend are clear and upfront, ensuring guests can tailor their experience without any surprises.


Securing a spot at SLVJ is a step towards exclusivity. With the high demand for the unique blend of beach club serenity and gourmet dining, reservations become essential. The process is straightforward, allowing guests to focus on anticipation of the luxury that awaits.

SLVJ doesn’t just offer a reservation; it promises a gateway to a day of indulgence.

Every visit to SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club is a journey through a world of sophisticated flavours and unmatched ambience.

It’s a harmonious experience, carefully curated to ensure that each guest leaves with memories of not just a meal, but an exquisite seaside escape.

Ready to book your slice of paradise? Visiting the reservations page on their website.

Meet the Maestro: Chef FermĂ­n Azkue’s Culinary Artistry

Chef FermĂ­n Azkue: A Visionary in the Kitchen

At the helm of SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club’s kitchen stands Chef FermĂ­n Azkue, a true virtuoso of the culinary arts. His philosophy? A daring fusion of global cuisines crafted to exhilarate the palate.

Chef Azkue’s menu is a tapestry of flavours, each dish telling its own story, drawing diners into a world where taste reigns supreme.

With a keen eye for the freshest ingredients and a penchant for innovation, Chef Azkue transforms dining into an exploration of the senses.

His creations are not just meals; they’re experiences, inviting guests on a gastronomic adventure that spans continents and cultures.

Signature Dishes That Tell a Story

Picture this: a plate arrives, a visual feast that captures the essence of the chef’s travels and trials. Each signature dish at SLVJ is an embodiment of Chef Azkue’s journey through the world’s kitchens.

From the subtle spice of a Thai-inspired tempura to the robust zest of a Mediterranean taco, the menu is a homage to the diversity of global cuisine.

These are not just meals; they are carefully curated narratives, plated to perfection. They beckon with scents and flavours that whisper tales of far-off lands and cherished memories, all savoured under the Marbella sky.

International Flavours, Local Charm

What makes Chef Azkue’s cuisine stand out? It’s the seamless integration of international flair with the charm of local Spanish ingredients.

His commitment to quality sees him selecting the finest local produce, ensuring each dish not only tastes exceptional but also supports local growers and suppliers.

The chef’s unique take on classics like the burger—elevated with gourmet touches and inventive sides—showcases his ability to redefine familiar favourites. The result is a menu that respects tradition while boldly charting new culinary territories.

Indulgence in Every Bite

SLVJ’s dining experience goes beyond the savoury. Chef Azkue’s dessert menu—featuring artisanal ice cream and other sweet confections—is a testament to his versatile expertise.

Imagine the delight as a spoon breaks the delicate crust of a crème brĂ»lĂ©e, revealing the creamy treasure within. It’s a finale that lingers on the tongue, a perfect end to an extraordinary meal.

The chef’s creativity knows no bounds, and each dessert serves as an exclamation point to the feast that preceded it. It’s a symphony of sweet notes that resonates with the satisfaction of culinary excellence.

At SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club, Chef FermĂ­n Azkue’s menu is a celebration of ingenuity and passion. It’s a dining experience that transcends the ordinary, turning a simple meal into an unforgettable journey.

So, when will you reserve your table to discover the chef’s latest masterpiece?

Borja Goikoetxea: Crafting Cocktails at SLVJ Marbella

The Alchemist Behind the Bar: Borja Goikoetxea

Step into the world of SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club, and you’ll find more than just a dining experience; you’ll discover a place where mixology becomes an art form. Head Bartender Borja Goikoetxea, a maestro of the shaker, takes patrons on a liquid journey through his innovative cocktail creations.

His approach?

To blend top-notch ingredients with a dash of emotion, crafting drinks that resonate with the soul.

Signature Sips: A Fusion of Flavours and Feelings

Each cocktail at SLVJ Marbella tells its own story.

Goikoetxea’s menu is a canvas of classics reimagined, alongside avant-garde concoctions that thrill even the most seasoned cocktail enthusiasts. Think of the bar as a stage, where each drink performs, leaving behind a trail of tantalising tastes and heady aromas.

Pairing Drinks with Dishes

What’s a meal without the perfect drink to accompany it?

Goikoetxea’s expertise extends to harmonising his creations with Chef Azkue’s culinary masterpieces. Whether it’s a bold red to go with a burger or a crisp white that cuts through the richness of fried rice, the right cocktail elevates the dining experience to new heights.

A Glass of Innovation: The Secret Ingredients

Curious about what makes these cocktails stand out? It’s all in the details. Goikoetxea’s dedication to quality sees him sourcing the freshest fruits, the finest spirits, and even hand-crafted bitters.

Every element serves a purpose, contributing to a final product that’s much more than the sum of its parts.

So, whether you’re lounging on a hammock or nestled in a king size bed at SLVJ’s Beach Club, know that a handcrafted cocktail from Borja Goikoetxea is the perfect accent to your Marbella escape.

Ready to sip your way to bliss?

Premium Lounging Options at SLVJ

Choose Your Comfort: Lounging Selections at SLVJ Beach Club

What’s your preference for soaking up the Marbella sun? SLVJ Beach Club offers a variety of choices to fit your style. Opt for an individual hammock if you fancy a solo chill-out session.

Prefer to share the moment?

Double sunbeds cater to couples or friends. And for those who like to sprawl in luxury, nothing beats the king size beds offering ample space and comfort.

Luxury at Your Fingertips: Exclusive Beach Club Beds

Imagine lying back, the sound of the waves as your soundtrack, in the most opulent of settings. At SLVJ, each bed option comes with a promise: unparalleled luxury.

The individual hammocks sway gently in the sea breeze, offering a personal hideaway.

Double sunbeds invite whispered conversations under the sun’s warm glow. And the king size beds? They’re the epitome of beachside indulgence.

Indulgence Has Its Price: Understanding Costs and Minimum Spends

Quality warrants a price, and at SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club, the figures align with the experience. Hammocks, sunbeds, and beds come with clear pricing and minimum spends. It’s a transparent system that ensures you can select the level of luxury that suits your budget and desires.

SLVJ’s Dining Options

Embark on a Flavourful Odyssey at SLVJ’s Restaurant

At the heart of SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club lies a menu that reads like a map to treasure—culinary treasure, that is.

With each dish, diners embark on a journey that traverses the globe.

From the delicate artistry of the sushi bar to the sizzling spectacle at the robata grill, SLVJ’s offerings are a testament to the innovation and diversity of modern cuisine.

Sushi and Raw Bar: The Pinnacle of Freshness

SLVJ’s sushi bar presents a tableau of vibrant colours and textures, each roll crafted with precision and flair.

The raw bar, a display of the ocean’s finest, serves up tantalising options.

Think fresh oysters, succulent prawns, and tartares that dance on the palate; it’s a celebration of the sea in every bite.

Robata Grills: Where Fire Meets Flavour

Fire-kissed and flavour-infused, the robata grills at SLVJ offer a smoky dimension to the dining experience.

Meats, fish, and vegetables gain a charred exterior and tender heart, all while absorbing the subtle nuances of the smoke. It’s a technique that honours tradition while delighting contemporary taste buds.

The Sweetest Endings: Desserts at SLVJ Restaurant

No culinary journey at SLVJ is complete without surrendering to the sweet allure of dessert.

Indulgent and imaginative, these creations are the perfect finale to an unforgettable meal.

From classic ice cream to avant-garde concoctions, each dessert promises to linger in your memory long after the last bite.

The Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club deftly walks the line between reverence for tradition and the boldness of innovation.

Every dish serves as a reflection of this philosophy, merging tried-and-tested techniques with modern twists that surprise and delight.

It’s a dining experience that consistently reinvents itself, ensuring no two visits are ever the same.

Whether you’re a local with a penchant for fine dining or an international visitor craving a taste of Marbella’s luxe life, SLVJ’s menu has something to excite your senses.

From the first sip of a perfectly chilled cocktail to the last crumb of a delectable dessert, SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club is your gateway to a world of epicurean excellence.

Private Events at SLVJ

Tailored Gatherings by the Azure Mediterranean

SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club, with its stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean, offers an idyllic setting for private events.

Whether you envision an intimate celebration or a grand festivity, the dedicated team at SLVJ works tirelessly to bring your dream event to life.

With a flexible approach to event planning, they ensure each occasion reflects the host’s unique style and preferences.

You’ll find no cookie-cutter events here; only bespoke experiences crafted with care.

Spaces That Transform to Your Heart’s Desire

At SLVJ, the versatility of the space stands out. From the sun-drenched terrace to the elegant indoor dining area, each space within the Beach Club offers a canvas for your imagination.

Would you fancy a beachside soiree under the stars? Or perhaps a sophisticated cocktail gathering by the bar? The choice is yours, and the options are limitless. You can read reviews from past events to inspire your own.

Cuisine That Elevates Your Event

What sets SLVJ apart is not just the setting, but the cuisine. Chef FermĂ­n Azkue’s culinary masterpieces become the highlight of any event, ensuring guests remember the flavours as vividly as the occasion.

Whether it’s a bespoke menu of delicate sushi rolls, robust tempura, or succulent tacos, each dish serves as a conversation starter, creating a symphony of tastes tailored to your event’s theme.

Signature Drinks to Toast the Occasion

Head Bartender Borja Goikoetxea’s mixology skills add an extra layer of sophistication to private events.

Signature cocktails, crafted with precision and flair, complement the cuisine and enhance the overall experience.

Each drink, from refreshing sangrias to robust burgers, becomes a testament to SLVJ’s commitment to excellence.

Exquisite Service That Leaves a Lasting Impression

The staff at SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club pride themselves on their attention to detail and exceptional service.

Guests at your private event will feel valued and pampered, thanks to the team’s dedication to hospitality.

Their ability to anticipate needs and exceed expectations ensures that your event becomes a cherished memory for every attendee.

SLVJ is not just a venue; it’s a partner in creating moments that matter. With each event tailored to individual tastes and preferences, the team goes above and beyond to ensure that your celebration stands out.

For those special milestones in life, SLVJ Marbella offers a slice of paradise, customised to your heart’s content.

When the party ends, the memories linger, thanks to the unparalleled experience at SLVJ.

A Toast to SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club

In the bustling heart of Puerto BanĂşs, SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club stands as a beacon of gourmet brilliance and seaside sophistication.

A visit here is more than just a meal; it’s a multisensory extravaganza where each detail weaves into a rich tapestry of indulgence.

SLVJ’s unique blend of culinary artistry, with Chef FermĂ­n Azkue at the kitchen’s helm, ensures an unforgettable journey across continents with every dish served. Meanwhile, Borja Goikoetxea’s mixology transforms simple drinks into narratives of flavour and finesse.

From the plush comfort of a king size bed by the sea to the clink of glasses under the starlit sky, SLVJ encapsulates Marbella’s luxurious ethos.

It’s a place where exclusivity meets relaxation, where every visit becomes a cherished memory.

So, as the Mediterranean whispers its timeless tales, why not let SLVJ Restaurant & Beach Club craft your next sublime chapter?

Will you find your spot in the sun or under the stars at this pinnacle of Marbella’s high life?

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