Savour the Splendour: Nao Pool Club, Your Marbella Oasis

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Have you ever longed to bask in the opulence of Marbella, to immerse yourself in an enclave of luxury that captures the essence of the Costa del Sol’s vibrant lifestyle? Look no further than Naô Pool Club, a sanctuary where the sun-drenched days blend seamlessly into the sultry nights, offering a retreat that’s both exhilarating and serene.

Naô Pool Club beckons not only the savvy locals but also the international jet-setters, promising an exclusive poolside experience that encapsulates the allure of Marbella. With its sophisticated ambiance, it stands out as a beacon of indulgence — but what truly sets it apart?

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Whether you’re a connoisseur of gourmet dining or a seeker of the city’s best social scenes, Naô Pool Club offers a slice of paradise tailored just for you. With the promise of luxurious relaxation and a social calendar brimming with electrifying events, one must ask: are you ready to dive into the ultimate Marbella indulgence?

Naô Pool Club: An Allure Beyond Compare in Marbella

Discover a sanctuary of luxury tucked away in the heart of Marbella — Naô Pool Club. Located at C/ Los Tilos, 29660 Nueva Andalucía, this coveted destination promises an alluring experience beyond compare for visitors and locals alike.

A Culinary Haven Amidst Vibrant Surrounds

While Naô Pool Club captivates with its sleek saltwater pools and lively ambiance, its dining offerings steal the show. The fine dining restaurant, La Mesâ, presents a menu from Takumi’s Sushi Bar alongside a Wine List and Champagne Menu — all catering to discerning palates.

Complementing the world-class cuisine is a diverse drinks menu with handcrafted cocktails and premium beverages. All this unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of themed events and parties, from Guilty Mondays to Kisstory Sundays, promising endless entertainment.

Luxe Relaxation with Exclusive Privileges

Naô Pool Club redefines luxury, starting with the plush Bali beds and private cabanas that offer refined relaxation. Yet the privileges extend beyond the amenities, with guests also benefiting from the early booking discount code 15NAO2024, offering 15% off reservations made before 31st December.

Venturing into the exclusive VIP experience reveals additional touches of luxury, including complimentary access to events and a minimum spend guarantee. Such bespoke treatment cements Naô’s reputation as Marbella’s foremost poolside retreat.

The Pulse of Marbella’s Glamorous Lifestyle

Naô Pool Club’s calendar of events drives the rhythm of Marbella’s social scene, promising the most vibrant and lavish pool parties. With world-class DJs, dazzling entertainment, and electrifying energy, it has earned its rank as the city’s number one pool club destination.

Whether you seek fine dining, luxury amenities, or pulsating parties, Naô Pool Club is where Marbella’s glamorous lifestyle shines in all its glory. This unrivalled sanctuary certainly captures the essence that makes the Costa del Sol a world-class holiday haven.

La Mesâ Restaurant: Epicurean Excellence at Naô Pool Club

Sushi Creations by Takumi Captivate the Senses

The palate prepares for a journey of flavors at La Mesâ Restaurant, especially with the sushi creations by Takumi. Showcasing ingredients of exceptional freshness and textures, Takumi elevates sushi into an art form with beautifully plated pieces. From the soft, buttery texture of the Salmon Nigiri to the sweet and tangy Yellowtail Carpaccio, the sushi menu promises a sensory experience beyond compare.

Handcrafted Cocktails Complement the Cuisine

While the sushi steals the attention, La Mesâ’s handcrafted cocktails present the perfect complement. The mixologists source premium liquors and bitters to concoct balanced creations like the refreshing Cucumber Spritz and the Naô Pool Club Signature. Such craft cocktails add a sublime accent to the overall dining experience.

Wine and Champagne for the Discerning

With a dining experience centered on quality and refinement, an exceptional beverage menu becomes paramount — and this is where La Mesâ truly excels. Their Wine Menu offers a global selection from Old World regions alongside showcases of Spanish gems. For moments that call for a sparkling touch, the Champagne Menu features a choice variety, including limited vintage bottles and prestige cuvees.

Through such fine beverages matched by masterful cuisine, La Mesâ upholds Naô Pool Club’s reputation as a culinary haven amidst Marbella’s vibrant landscape. Indeed, nowhere else does luxury dining unfold in a setting so sensational.

Secure Your Spot Through Seamless Booking

Reserve Beds and Cabanas with Ease

Booking a coveted spot at Naô Pool Club proves blissfully simple through their online reservation system. Guests can easily select their preferred bed or cabana with a few clicks, choosing from a variety of setups that ensure comfort for the whole day. Whether seeking a deluxe bed for luxury lounging or a secluded cabana for an exclusive experience, the process remains fuss-free and secure.

Naô Pass Opens Doors to Paradise

For unlimited access to Naô magic all season long, the Naô Pass promises a passport to paradise. This exclusive membership guarantees priority access to events and offers special discounts across food, beverages, and services. With guest list benefits every day of the week, the Naô Pass unlocks the ultimate pool and party experience in Marbella.

Secure High-Demand Events Early

Planning ahead becomes essential for Naô’s most popular events, especially the vibrant Kisstory Sundays or the upcoming Rêve Festival in June 2023. Guests are advised to book tables and beds weeks or even months in advance to avoid disappointment. An early 15% discount also applies for reservations made before 31st December 2022 – simply enter the code 15NAO2023 during checkout.

Through such insider tips and easy booking steps, guests can securely plan their perfect Naô day or season. One thing remains certain – time at Naô Pool Club promises memories for a lifetime.

Events and Parties: The Pulse of Naô Vibrance

Weekly Rhythms Set by Renowned DJs

The weekly events at Naô Pool Club set the rhythm for Marbella’s social scene, energized by world-class DJs that create an electric atmosphere. Mondays bring ‘Guilty’ parties for blissful recovery from weekend revelry while Tuesdays host the ‘Jinbo’ ladies day, filled with laughter, dancing and sparkling cocktails.

As the week progresses, Wednesdays are set alight with the beach club’s famous ‘We Love House’ parties where house music legends have the dancefloor pulsing into the early hours. Then Thursdays wash over with chill ‘Good Vibes’, the perfect warm-up to the iconic weekend celebrations still to come.

Signature Cocktails and Themed Extravaganzas

Fridays herald the renowned ‘Rose Fridays’, Naô’s lively launch into the weekend with DJs on the decks and signature rose cocktails flowing freely. Costumes, glitter cannons and bursts of confetti amp up the energy even further at themed events like Holi Festival, Brazil Carnival or the colourful ‘Pink is Punk’ parties.

2023 Calendar Highlights and Kisstory Sundays

The 2023 events calendar also promises not to disappoint, with highlights like the Ibiza-inspired ‘We Love House Opening’ on 25th May. However, the pinnacle of every week at Naô Pool Club remains the world-famous ‘Kisstory Sundays’, where Europe’s No.1 Pool Party provides the grand finale with incredible DJs, dazzling dancers and non-stop entertainment.

Through such spectacular weekly events embraced by both locals and visitors, Naô Pool Club undoubtedly reigns as the heart of Marbella’s social scene.

VIP Luxury Meets Sophistication

Exclusive Services for the Discerning Guest

The VIP experience at Naô Pool Club opens the doors to luxury, where attentive hostesses greet guests with chilled towels and guide them past velvet ropes to the coveted VIP area. Here, in secluded cabanas with drapes for added privacy, a personal barman awaits to prepare cocktails from the premium spirits menu.

VIP ticket holders also gain access to the quick-entry queue, sidestepping long lines to be swiftly escorted inside by security to the best sunbeds overlooking the DJ booth and glistening pools. Further exclusive touches include complimentary items from the club’s shop and private lockers to securely stow valuables.

Refined Dress Code of Pool Hippie Chic

The VIP section exudes sophistication with a smart yet relaxed dress code termed ‘Pool Hippie Chic’. While open footwear like sandals are permitted, flip flops and sports shoes are gently discouraged. Designer swimshorts, linen shirts, fedoras and statement sunglasses capture the essence of laidback refinement.

For ladies, the style centres on floaty maxi dresses, wide-brim hats and delicate jewellery, with glamorous makeup touches encouraged. From flattering swimsuits to stylish kaftans, Naô’s discerning VIP crowd bring effortless glamour to poolside lounging.

Tailored Treatment for an Elite Clientele

With all desires swiftly catered to by personal hosts, Naô’s VIP service leaves guests feeling special, creating a relaxed and upbeat ambiance. From £100 on weekdays or £250 on big event Sundays, the VIP experience promises exclusivity, priority treatment and access to luxury facilities befitting of Marbella’s premier pool venue.

Authentic Reviews Offer Insights

A Canvas of Perspectives from Past Visitors

With over 270 independent reviews, Naô Pool Club’s reputation on TripAdvisor offers an authentic glimpse into the visitor experience. From gushing 5-star appraisals to constructive critiques, these unfiltered perspectives paint a well-rounded picture of the club’s offerings.

Praise for First-Class Service and Sophisticated Ambiance

Many satisfied guests highlight the exceptional service that enhances Naô’s sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance. As Maria S. shares, “The staff are so friendly and cannot do enough for you.” Others like Mark B. emphasize the “really nice environment” and “quality tunes” from renowned DJs that encourage a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere.

Some Room for Improvement in Queue Times and Prices

While Naô scores very highly overall, a handful of guests felt queue times on big event days could be improved. A few also found drink and bed prices on the higher side, especially during peak summer. However, most accept that first-class service and facilities necessitate higher pricing, which helps maintain Naô’s elite standing.

A Glowing Testimony to Naô’s Popularity

With an ‘Excellent’ 4.5-star score on TripAdvisor, the reviews resoundingly crown Naô as Marbella’s premier pool venue. For those seeking a destination that balances luxury with vibrance, Naô stands out as a must-visit hotspot promising memorable summer days by the pool.

Engaging with Naô’s Vibrant Presence

Direct Contact for Assistance and Inquiries

For personalized assistance with reservations, event details, or any other inquiries, Naô’s guest services team is available at +34 650 300 300. Calling this number connects you directly with knowledgeable representatives ready to answer questions and ensure your visit is effortless.

Following @naopoolclub on Instagram

With over 18,000 followers, Naô’s Instagram showcases the club’s sleek aesthetic and glimpse into upcoming events. From bottle service to cabanas, the feed presents the Naô lifestyle in all its glamour. Following @naopoolclub keeps enthusiasts plugged into the rhythm of the club through real-time updates.

Engaging the Naô Experience

Between direct contact numbers and a vibrant Instagram presence, Naô provides guests access into its world of luxury entertainment. By engaging these touchpoints, visitors can make the most of their time at this premier Marbella destination.

Strategic Accessibility Amid Marbella’s Allure

Steps from Puerto Banús and Golden Mile

Tucked away on C/ Los Tilos in Nueva Andalucía, Naô Pool Club enjoys a prime location just 5 minutes from the glitz of Puerto Banús and the Golden Mile. With convenience and proximity to these icons of luxury, visitors can easily explore all Marbella has to offer.

Nearby Sandy Beaches for Post-Club Relaxation

After a day reveling in Naô’s vibrance, guests can unwind on the nearby beaches of El Rosario, just 2.5 miles (4 km) away. With sunbeds for hire and golden sands that meet the Mediterranean, these beaches promise rejuvenation.

Access to Marbella’s Wider Offerings

Beyond beaches and shopping, Naô Pool Club grants easy access to Old Town’s charm, the marina’s beauty, and popular golf courses. With taxis available on-site, visitors can seamlessly experience this region’s many treasures.

Prime Location to Match the Premier Experience

Centrally situated amid the very best of Marbella, Naô Pool Club combines convenience with world-class entertainment. Its accessibility enriches any visit to the Costa del Sol.

Seamless Access and Complimentary Parking

Convenient Location Just off the A7

Situated just off Exit 79 on the A7 motorway, Naô Pool Club enjoys direct access from this major route running along Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Visitors can easily reach the club in minutes via the A7 for a hassle-free arrival.

On-Site Parking Available

The club offers complimentary on-site parking for all reservation-holding guests, with spaces available on a first-come basis. Visitors are advised to arrive in good time to secure a prime spot.

Entry Process Designed for Ease

Entry involves a streamlined check-in at reception, where staff will validate reservations before allowing access to the pool area. Advance bookings are highly recommended, especially for weekend visits, to avoid queues.

Disabled Access Accommodated

The venue provides wheelchair access points and accessible facilities to ensure a comfortable visit. Guests seeking disabled access are advised to detail requirements when booking.

Arrive Early, Stay Late with Naô Convenience

With such ease of access and on-site amenities like parking, Naô Pool Club lets visitors maximize their time at one of Marbella’s most sought-after destinations from arrival to departure.

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Alongside Naô Pool Club, Ocean Club Marbella stands as a premier destination, renowned for its elegant ambiance and vibrant events. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Ocean Club boasts a palm-fringed pool, bali beds, and a dining menu promising culinary excellence. Signature parties like the famous Champagne Spray sets the rhythm every summer.

Nikki Beach Marbella

Embodying Marbella glamour, Nikki Beach Marbella unveils an exotic setting of luxury cabanas, swaying palms, and glittering pools. Nikki’s famed Sunday Chill sessions draw crowds eager to soak up vibes from world class DJs as the Mediterranean shimmers in the background. The venue also hosts lavish events and offers exquisite global cuisine.

La Suite Club

Among Marbella’s most exclusive destinations, La Suite Club is an adults-only boutique club offering a VIP escape. With a beachfront location, sparkling infinity pool, balinese beds, and poolside dining, it promises indulgent relaxation. Guests can also partake in La Suite’s vibrant calendar, whether sipping cocktails at Monday Fundays or celebrating at glittering parties.

Puerto Banús Pool Party

Marbella’s glitzy Puerto Banús harbour sets the stage for an iconic poolside experience at Puerto Banús Pool Party. This lively venue lets visitors soak up vibes in a beautiful poolside setting paired with DJ beats and signature cocktails. As an open-air club, it delivers that coveted pool party atmosphere under the Marbella sun.

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