Mamzel Marbella: A Taste of Luxury on the Costa!

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Seeking the quintessence of luxury dining in Marbella? Mamzel Marbella stands as a beacon of gastronomic excellence and entertainment. Tucked away between the charismatic streets of Marbella and the bustling harbour of Puerto Banús, this exclusive venue offers more than just a meal; it promises an immersive experience where every sense delights in the opulence of the Costa del Sol.

Have you ever wondered where to find that perfect blend of culinary finesse and vibrant shows under the Mediterranean stars? Look no further. Mamzel Marbella crafts a night out where the flavours of the world dance on your palate, and performances captivate the soul. It’s an invitation to indulge in the harmonious symphony of Music, Love & Food. Shall we take a peek behind the velvet curtain?

Whether you’re a local connoisseur or a traveller with a penchant for the finer things in life, Mamzel Marbella awaits to transform your evenings. Will the allure of grilled fish, tantalisingly revisited Asian dishes, and the energy of live performances entice you? Or perhaps it’s the chance to rub shoulders with the elite in an atmosphere dripping with sophistication? Let’s embark on this luxurious journey together.

Mamzel Marbella: An Exclusive Haven in the Heart of the Costa del Sol

Nestled between the vibrant streets of Marbella and the luxurious superyacht harbour of Puerto Banús lies Mamzel Marbella, an oasis of fine dining and entertainment. Strategically positioned to provide ease of access for visitors, this exclusive venue stands ready to indulge your senses.

A Convenient Costa del Sol Location

Ideally situated just off the A-7 motorway, Mamzel Marbella allows guests to avoid the hustle and bustle of central Marbella. With ample free parking and valet services on offer, you can relax knowing your vehicle is in safe hands for the evening.

For those looking to make an entrance, the venue also provides convenient drop-off and collection services. Whether you arrive by car, taxi or private driver, Mamzel Marbella’s attentive team will ensure your needs are met.

In the Lap of Luxury

Stepping inside the sleek interior of Mamzel Marbella, prepare to enter a world where luxury reigns supreme. With a capacity exceeding 400 guests across multiple zones, the space provides an air of exclusivity in an environment filled with character.

From the main stage and oversized table seating 25, to private booths tucked away from prying eyes, Mamzel Marbella offers the ideal backdrop for your indulgent escape. Here, you’ll find everything in place to stimulate the senses – from the cuisine, décor and amenities, to the electrifying performances.

Whether visiting Marbella or a distinguished Costa del Sol local, Mamzel Marbella’s oasis of refinement beckons. Will you answer the call?

A Culinary Journey Through Mamzel Marbella

At the heart of Mamzel Marbella lies a commitment to tantalising your tastebuds. Showcasing an array of international cuisines with a focus on Asian fusion, the menu offers a voyage of flavour sure to impress.

Signature Dishes Taking Centre Stage

While the à la carte options provide diners freedom to explore, several signature plates take pride of place at Mamzel Marbella. The crisp, fragrant Vegan Thai Curry blends aromatic spices with vegetables, tofu and coconut milk, encapsulating the venue’s mastery of Asian cuisine. Pairing beautifully with the curry, the plump Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings deliver an explosion of flavour in delicate wrappers.

Seafood also captivates at Mamzel Marbella, with specialities like Sizzling Gambas seeing succulent prawns sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chilies for a dish that’s sassy and sweet in equal measure.

Fresh Local Ingredients At The Fore

Demonstrating a commitment to quality, Mamzel Marbella sources prime ingredients from trusted local providers. Whether the catch of the day straight off the Costa del Sol coastline or seasonal vegetables harvested at their peak freshness, the focus is firmly on letting the natural flavours shine.

This approach allows the venue to keep prices accessible despite its exclusive nature, with a typical three-course meal for two diners costing €120-150. Value and indulgence go hand-in-hand here in the heart of Marbella.

Take your palate on a world tour without leaving Spain by booking a table at Mamzel Marbella today. An unforgettable culinary experience awaits.

Dinner Show Extravaganza

Exclusive Concept Performances

Mamzel Marbella delivers an unrivalled dinner show experience, merging delectable cuisine with spellbinding entertainment. Talented singers, dancers and musicians take the stage nightly, captivating audiences with themed performances specially produced for the venue.

Ranging from sultry cabaret to foot-tapping Motown revues, each 20-minute show transports guests to different eras and locations. Surrounding diners on all sides, the theatre-quality productions are visible from every angle, especially the main oversized TAJ table accommodating up to 25 people.

The Perfect Accompaniment

Far from a mere sideshow, the dinner entertainment at Mamzel Marbella has been carefully designed to complement the dining experience. Whether enjoying Asian fusion flavours or classic Spanish tapas, the toe-tapping music and dazzling dance routines serve as the ideal accompaniment.

As dishes arrive bathed in mood lighting, guests can sit back with drinks in hand to relish world-class food and entertainment in one impressive package. An effortlessly enjoyable night out awaits at Mamzel Marbella, where culinary craft and showbiz spectacle collide to joyous effect.

Ambiance and Design

Distinctive Zones

Mamzel Marbella features several unique areas, each with its own distinctive ambiance. The main Park Mamzel zone houses up to 220 guests amidst lush greenery and eye-catching décor. With avant-garde lighting installations and an expansive outdoor terrace, it exudes cosmopolitan flair.

The Cozy Zone on the ground floor provides a more intimate experience, with velvet sofas and subtle lighting setting the tone. The top floor dials up the energy, with vibrant aesthetics and city skyline views complementing signature cocktails and tapas.

Sophisticated Warmth

Despite housing three separate zones, a cohesive design aesthetic flows throughout the venue. neutral tones blended with pops of deep red and gold create a lavish yet welcoming ambiance. Plush leather seating, dark wood accents and ambient candlelight emit sophisticated warmth.

The décor may be striking, but it does not overpower. Rather, it complements Mamzel Marbella’s fine food and entertainment to create a holistic experience for the senses. From first glance to last bite, refined style and comfort collide in an inviting expression of Spanish hospitality.

Service Hours and Dress Code

Late Night Revelry

Mamzel Marbella keeps the festivities going well into the early morning hours. During peak season, the restaurant stays open from 8:00 PM until 3:00 AM, allowing guests to dine, drink and enjoy the dinner show entertainment over the course of a leisurely evening. The kitchen remains fully operational until 1:30 AM as well.

In the off-season from November to April, Mamzel closes at 2:00 AM during the week, though weekend revelers can continue their merriment until the standard 3:00 AM cutoff time.

Smart-Casual Chic

While the dress code is smart casual, patrons should aim for chic over sloppy. Gentlemen tend to wear well-fitted pants or dark jeans with collared shirts or smart sweaters. Ladies don elaborate dresses or nice pantsuits. Though relaxed, attire remains elevated and fashion-forward.

With its upscale energy, Mamzel Marbella discourages flip flops, ripped clothing or excessive casualness. Guests wishing to experience this vibrant Costa del Sol hotspot should dress to impress for a night of dining, dancing and dynamic entertainment in true Spanish style.

Reservations and Contact Information

Securing a Spot at this Sought-After Venue

With its growing popularity and limited capacity, reservations at Mamzel Marbella are highly recommended. Bookings can be made via email at or by phone at +34 951 77 88 25. Advance reservations allow visitors to guarantee a table and avoid disappointment.

Walk-ins are welcome, though admission will depend on availability. Groups of 6 or more should secure reservations at least one week in advance during high season.

Staying Up To Date via Social Media

Mamzel Marbella maintains active profiles on Facebook, Instagram and their website. Patrons can access the latest news on shows, events, promotions and seasonal hours by following these digital platforms.

As a bonus, the restaurant shares gorgeous food and atmosphere photography across its social media. Visitors can preview Mamzel’s sleek interiors and mouthwatering dishes before even stepping foot inside this premier Marbella venue.

Customer Insights from Tripadvisor Reviews

A Balanced View of the Mamzel Marbella Experience

With over 270 independent reviews, Mamzel Marbella has earned an excellent 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor. The vast majority of diners highlight the exceptional food, lively atmosphere and talented performances.

That said, there are occasional critiques on elements like service speed, drink prices and the venue’s “pre-party” vibe. By understanding the full range of perspectives, visitors can set accurate expectations for their own memorable night out in Marbella.

Rave Reviews for Mamzel’s Creative Cuisine

The cuisine earns consistent praise, with dishes described as beautifully presented and bursting with flavour. Signature items like the “incredible” salmon tataki and “melt in your mouth” Iberian pork receive recurring shout-outs.

A High-Energy Atmosphere Worth Experiencing

Mamzel’s production shows and DJ sets create an electric mood that keeps the dance floor pumping. Patrons highlight the venue’s eye-catching design with zones catering from intimate dinners to standing-room-only parties.

While some describe noise levels as uncomfortably loud, most characterize the vibe as exciting. Visitors expecting a quiet fine dining affair should opt for early evening reservations before the entertainment truly ignites.

Attentive Yet Relaxed Service

Reviews indicate servers work hard to deliver prompt, friendly service despite the venue’s popularity. They happily offer recommendations from Mamzel’s globally-inspired menu and make sure the drinks keep flowing.

Patrons say while the service falls short of Michelin-star formality, the youthful staff enhance the night’s lively spirit. The relaxed and festive setting means less pressure and more fun for all.

The Casanis Group Experience

A Hospitality Legacy

Mamzel Marbella falls under the umbrella of the prestigious Casanis Group, a family-owned conglomerate renowned for its hospitality offerings across the Costa del Sol. With over 30 years of experience curating vibrant dining and entertainment venues, the Casanis legacy lends an air of exclusivity to Mamzel Marbella.

Beyond Mamzel’s glamorous dinner shows and seasonal events, the Casanis Group also operates a range of chic beach clubs, lively nightclubs, and relaxing spa retreats. Their enduring vision shapes the vibrant leisure scene from Estepona to Sotogrande.

Diverse Experiences

From sundowners at Salduba Beach Club to dancing until dawn at Funky Buddha, the Casanis Group caters to every mood and occasion. Guests can lounge waterside on plush daybeds, challenge friends to a game of padel, or gather over Asian fusion dishes beneath the stars.

With Mamzel Marbella as the jewel in its crown, the Group offers a multifaceted hospitality experience. Patrons can seamlessly transition between venues for an indulgent day-to-night adventure showcasing the best of Marbella.

Setting the Standard

Whether patrons seek beachside relaxation, vibrant nightlife or culinary theater, Casanis Group venues consistently overdeliver. Novel concepts like the dinner show at Mamzel Marbella keep experiences fresh and engaging for new and returning guests alike.

Upholding exacting quality standards across food, entertainment and service, the Casanis family continues building its hospitality legacy. And with new establishments in the works, they show no signs of slowing down.

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