Savour the Best Breakfast in Puerto Banús: A Local’s Guide

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Finding the perfect spot for breakfast in Puerto Banús might seem like a simple task amidst the plethora of cafes and eateries lining the sun-drenched streets. Yet, with such an abundance of choice, how does one settle on the ideal location for that first important meal of the day? It’s not just about quelling hunger; it’s about savouring the ambience of Marbella’s picturesque marina while indulging in delectable dishes that cater to every palate and preference.

Whether you’re a Marbella local with a penchant for pastries or a jet-setter eager to sample Spanish tortilla with a sea view, the quest for a morning feast can be daunting. Did you know that a substantial breakfast can improve mood and memory, according to nutritionists? Such a meal can set the tone for the entire day, which is why I’m on hand to guide you through the top breakfast and brunch spots that Puerto Banús has to offer.

Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey that will tantalise your taste buds and provide a feast for your eyes with the picturesque backdrop of yachts and azure waters?

What will it be today: a health-conscious smoothie bowl or a hearty full English breakfast with all the trimmings? Let’s delve into the breakfast scene of Puerto Banús and discover where your next morning indulgence will take place.

Box Kitchen Marbella

Not far from the bustling marina, Box Kitchen Marbella emerges as a contender for the best breakfast in Puerto Banús. This gem offers a culinary twist on classic breakfast items, blending international cuisine with Mediterranean influences, and is one of the best things to do in Puerto Banús full stop. Imagine tucking into a sumptuous eggs benedict with a side of panoramic views. The cafe’s modern decor and vibrant atmosphere make it a go-to spot for brunch aficionados seeking something out of the ordinary.



Experience the rich tapestry of breakfasts at Paisana. The ambiance exudes a rustic charm, with terracotta tiles and wrought-iron fixtures creating an inviting atmosphere. Diners can also enjoy their breakfast al fresco, basking in the early morning sun, while savouring the local flavours that make Marbella’s culinary scene so diverse.


Rosas Café

Rosas Café in Puerto Banús, Marbella, is known for its picturesque and trendy setting and has become a popular spot for locals and visitors looking to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Known for their health-conscious and Instagram-worthy presentations, the café offers a wide range of breakfast options to suit various tastes and dietary preferences.

The breakfast menu at Rosas Café typically includes a mix of classic dishes and creative takes on morning favourites. Patrons can expect to find an array of options such as artisanal pastries, fresh fruit bowls, wholesome granola, and yoghurt. For those seeking a more substantial meal, the café serves up heartier fare like eggs Benedict, avocado toast, pancakes, and a selection of omelettes.

What sets Rosas Café apart is not just their food but also their ambience. The café often features a chic, floral-themed décor that creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely breakfast or a brunch date. Customers have the opportunity to pair their meals with freshly squeezed juices, artisan coffee, or speciality teas – all served by attentive staff.


Fresh Food Cafe

Fresh Food Cafe, located in the bustling and glamorous Puerto Banús in Marbella, is celebrated for its dedication to fresh, healthy, and vibrant food options. Known for catering to health-conscious diners, it offers an eclectic breakfast menu that appeals to those who prioritize nourishment and flavor.

When you visit Fresh Food Cafe for breakfast, you can expect a menu that emphasizes freshness and nutritional value, without compromising on taste. The breakfast selection often includes a variety of smoothie bowls topped with fruits, seeds, and nuts; oatmeal with various mix-ins; and a range of egg dishes that can be customised to preference. Avocado toast, often a staple of modern healthy eateries, is typically presented with a twist, adding ingredients like smoked salmon or poached eggs.

For those on the go, Fresh Food Cafe might also offer a selection of grab-and-go options such as yogurt parfaits, fresh pastries, and house-made energy bars. The beverage offerings are likely to include a selection of fresh juices, smoothies with superfoods, and a variety of coffee and tea options, perfect for kick-starting the day.

The atmosphere in Fresh Food Cafe usually reflects its commitment to a clean and vibrant lifestyle. The café’s interior design might feature bright, airy spaces with comfortable seating, making it a popular spot for both quick breakfast meetings and prolonged brunch sessions.

It is always wise to check for the latest updates on Fresh Food Cafe’s offerings, as menus can change seasonally to incorporate the freshest locally available ingredients. For those planning to enjoy breakfast there, it’s recommended to look up their current hours, whether they offer outdoor seating, and if reservations are needed, especially during peak times in Puerto Banús.


Leone Brasserie

Leone Brasserie, situated in the chic and lively Puerto Banús area of Marbella, offers a sophisticated dining experience that extends to its breakfast offerings. As a brasserie, Leone is likely to exude an elegant charm combined with a relaxed atmosphere, welcoming patrons to start their day in style.

Customers can anticipate a selection of beautifully crafted breakfast dishes, ranging from freshly baked viennoiseries, such as croissants and pain au chocolat, to various egg preparations, including classic dishes like omelets and eggs Benedict.

To complement their morning meal, guests of Leone Brasserie will find a curated beverage menu, possibly including premium coffee brews, a selection of teas, and freshly pressed juices. For celebratory breakfasts or leisurely brunches, one could find options for sparkling wines or mimosas.

The ambience of Leone Brasserie features sophisticated décor, comfortable seating, and impeccable service, all contributing to an enjoyable breakfast experience. It is a spot where both locals and tourists can relish a meal in the midst of the luxury and excitement that defines Puerto Banús.


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As a vibrant coastal haven, Puerto Banús offers a breakfast scene as dynamic and varied as its visitors and residents. Have we stirred your appetite for exploration? What’s your preferred way to start a day in this sun-kissed paradise? Share your experiences and join the conversation with fellow breakfast enthusiasts in the comments below.

After all, isn’t every day in Marbella an opportunity to create delicious new memories?

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